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Mac Latency, TMC-1, TMC-2 Penta,TFT Remote Control

I had not realised that so much time has passed since my last post, good intentions does not get it done!

Mac OS X Mavericks and Yosemite Latency

Apple have added their own FTDI driver which has a 16milli-Second Latency, this must be disabled before the modified low latency FTDI driver can be used. See the USB422 product page for details.


We have now shipped over 10 TMC-1's and they have been received well. Almost every time I demonstrate it the clients give me new idea's. I have incorporated as many as possible in the latest TMC-1 software that I posted last week.  There is a prototype hardware for the TMC-1-S6 mounted in an S6 console at the BVE next week.


The TMC-2-Penta is a digital version of the TMC-1 that drives the NTP Penta 720 via ethernet. I am working on this at the moment and should have beta units at the end of March. The functionality will be similar to the XMon but more flexible with the main inputs and outputs up to 48 channels wide and where XMon has 2x 7.1 inputs and 4 stereo inputs the Penta version will have 1x 48 channel input and 5x 7.1 inputs.  The TMC-1 can be upgraded to the TMC-2 by adding the ethernet board.

TFT Remote Control

After testing on the prototype at Twickenham we supplied 7 TFT Remote controls (See the earlier post Tuesday, 9 September 2014). One for a DFC console(Twickenham), two for a Harrison MPC4 console (Lenfilm), four for Lawo consoles (ORF).