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New TFT Remote Panel with LCD Keys for DFC Console

As promised in the last Blog here is the first picture of the new remote panel as suppled to Twickenham studios.

The main features of this panel are as follows

  • TFT Display - able to display more system information.
  • 21 programable keys - only the keyboard, Shift, Recall, Store are not programable.
  • The lower 18 keys are LCD keys which display the key function.
  • Jog Wheel, four LCD keys may be replaced by a Jog Wheel.
  • Two Serial Ports and a USB serial port.
  • Two or more panels may be connected in a daisy chain.
  • Direct connection to CBServer via the USB port.
  • Sony 9 pin Input for control from desk
  • Software updates and keyboard programming via USB port.
  • USB Powered  
Fully compatible with existing systems this panel is currently available as a remote to the RM-6 and existing systems as shown in the updated Twickenham block diagram (previous blog). Below is a system diagram using two DFC-TFT remotes and a RM-6.