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Advance Information on a new remote for the RM-6

Bellow is the TFT-422 the first in a new series of remotes that we are developing this year, This uses a TFT Display, with combination of  LCD keys and normal keys.

In developing a new remote for the RM-6 we have added two features to our remote controls, as follows

1) TFT display, our new interface can drive 3.5", 4.3" and 5" displays, the TFT display is the same as used on most smart phones and gives a bright clearly legible display capable of showing more information than the existing 2x40 LCD display.. One of the more obvious differences in designing a panel for LCD or TFT displays is the shape, this required changing the panel and the layout of the display. The display on the above panel is a 3.5" TFT.

2) LCD Keys, allowing macros to be changed easily, allowing individual users to define there own key sets. In using LCD Keys you have to take in consideration that they are bigger and deeper that our standard switches  and cost 15x as much. Because this is a free standing unit it would be impossible to use LCD Switches at the front as they are too deep.

We are also planning a new built in panel with all LCD keys except for the Numeric keyboard with an option of extra keys or Jog Wheel