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New chase parameter for SR-4/RM-6

In Jog and shuttle the SR/RM uses a combination of locate and fast wind commands to keep the slaves in sync with the master machine. On linear machines fast wind commands are used when the difference is greater than one minute, on non-linear machines and on linear machines when the difference is less than one minute locate commands are used.

In an ideal world the locate is updated on a once per frame basis, unfortunately some machines get confused when receiving frequent locate commands. and in earlier software we sent locate commands on 10 frame intervals.

On current software we have introduced a new parameter to determine the interval between locate commands:

Setup/Root/IFACE/chase/Menu 067 Locate Interval.
0= 1= 2= 3= 4= 5= 6= 7= 8= 9=   +1 Frm

On a Bonsai drive for instance I am able to set a locate interval of =0 in this case a locate command is sent every frame. I will update this post with more information once I have the figures back from other machines.