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UR422 as a remote to the RM-6 and CBServer

Jun Yamazaki, The Synchronizer Expert from Japan, asked if it was possible to use the UR-422 as a remote to the RM-6 and CBServer, my reaction "Why Not"

The UR includes dedicated Macro commands to control the RM-6/SR-6 and CBServer Macros that may be programmed directly from CBServer. I asked Jun to work out with his client the layout and functionality that they would like using the existing SR and CBServer Macro's that were available on the UR-422

Using the existing selection of commands he could not meet the clients requirements, after discussing the problem with him I added extra commands and tallies, the final keyboard layout is shown below

The new key macros added are as follows (XMC is the CB multi-machine protocol)
XMC Machine select A..E
XMC Record Enable
XMC Master
XMC Chase Enable
XMC Chase Here

New Menu item
XMC Position Request (Menu Setup), returns position and selected machine

At the same time the Edit In/Out key were improved by adding a menu enabling the user to select from a simple Mark command, Mark, Edit and Set, or Recall, Edit and Set.

If you have special request, please contact me and discuss your requirements.

For the future I am working on UR422config2 that will run on Mac, Windows and Linux – watch out for the alpha test version on “Keep In Sync”