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New RM-8, SR-4USB Synchronizer

For the last two months I have been working on the new RM-8 and SR-4U, using the latest 32 mips processor (The old processor ran at 3 mips on a good day). The RM-8 has 8x RS-422 ports and the SR-4U has 4x RS-422 ports. The features from the existing software Timecode In/Out, GPIO's, Parallel Remote Control, Macro Keys ( [Again}, [Instant Replay], x10, x8, x6.....) are all included. They both have the following new features

Tri-Level Sync
Combined Bi-Level/Tri-Level video sync input fitted

The USB port is fully functioning and mat be used for direct connection with CBServer or Sony 9 pin Emulation

Fitted for future expansion, we are developing CBServer via Ethernet and remote Ethernet interfaces.

A new sync process that compensates for the different machines start-up time by timing the initial play command to each machine.. Originally downstream park was used to implement this but this is not possible with Video or DAW's as they are required to park on the same frame.

The New synchronizers will be released in January next year alongside the current models, it will take a year before the new synchronizers have all the features of the current range.