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PD-1 and Protools

We are still having some problems with more that 48 tracks on Protools, it looks like it is a problem with a lack of buffering on Protools. I have modified the command interval to provide three options
[Shift}[MU]>Serial Out> Menu 25-Command Interval
1) Short
2) 1/2 Frame (Previously Long)
3) 1 frame

To try this software please visit the PD-1 Page on our website and download, currently you will need Windows to upload the software to the PD-1.

I am awaiting conformation that option 3) 1 Frame solves the problem and will update this post once I have it or if I have to further modify the software.

48 Track Limit
Earlier this year Protools were talking about increasing the number of record tracks that it could accept, the current limit is 48.  If someone who is using the latest software can try setting menu 22-Maximun Tracks per Cmd to 2=96 and let me know it will help!