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Video Streamer 24fps

The Video Streamer has been in production for 24 years, it is the father or grandfather of most of the rack mount products that CB make. In the last month I have received several enquiries about using it with 24 frame video.

The 24 frame video is down converted to NTSC (29.97) video with 24fps timecode, this causes a problem with the Video streamer as it assumes that the video and timecode rates are the same and the wipes are about 1/2 second out.

Work arround
The current software has a correction factor that can be used to solve this problem. In the Unit config (Set then <- and -> together) you will find a parameter that is normally set to UiPE 00. On the system we checked this was adjusted to UiPE -14. The exact value will depend on the length of the wipe.

I will look into this problem and upgrade the software to allow for mixed frame and video standards. Once done I will anounce it on this blog.

I have just spent three days checking and improving VSLink2, VSLink3 and the SR software to work with Xmc protocol for use with the  SR-424ADR and other systems. By connecting the VS-1 to a port on the SR424ADR VSLink can be used to download lists to the controller and streamer simultaneously. When using the system adjusting the record in point will adjust the associated wipe. A wipe can be added ant any point using scratch pad memory 9.