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CBHelp in Action - SRW-5800

This week I used CBHelp with Deutsche Telekom AG in Darmstadt, Germany, Dominic had reported problems with synchronising the Sony SRW-5800 with the RM-6. In order to look at the problem from my office I asked him to run CBServer and to connect with me via the Internet using CBHelp.

CBHelp is an implementation of ultravnc single click, their url is http://www.uvnc.com/addons/singleclick.html if you wish to make your own. CBHelp can be accessed from the help menu on CBServer, you will need to contact me before using it! The main advantage of CBHelp is that there is no security consideration for the customer, the call is initiated by the customer, it does not allow CB to access the customers system uninvited.

There were a few problems with installing and connecting CBServer with the RM-6 (Deutsche Telekom did not have our USB-422) and I had recently changed computer and needed to reconfigure the router. Once solved we connected, Using CBHelp I could control and view CBServer on their computer. I slaved the SRW-5800 to the Generator can could see the problem. A few clicks of the mouse later I had reconfigured the servo control of the SRW-5800 to use Programmable Play instead of Variable Play and it was possible to slave the SRW-5800.

Whist online I demonstrated to Dominic how to set in and out points and run a simple loop. It was very satisfying to be able to configure and demonstrate the system to the customer without spending a day and a large amount of money traveling to and from his location.

CBHelp used with CBServer or the SA-1 software is a good tool and often it is all that is required. This is not always the case, last year after spending several hours on CBHelp I flew to Kiev to visit the customer site and solve a problem, CBHelp allows me to make these trips when it is necessary and I am always willing to spend the time required.

I am currently experimenting with a cross platform support system for our new programs that run on Windows, Mac and Linux