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Shepperton Studio 1

Today I visited Trevour at Shepperton studio 1

RM-6 with Euphonix System 5 and a CB X4-Euphonix remote, V-Cube and Protools 7.4 cs 10

I was asked to check direct punch in from the Pec/Direct panels, I made the classic mistake, after checking my system for about 1 hour I finally checked the ProTools setup, it was not possible to track arm on the ProTools when in play! ProTools must be in Destructive or Track punch mode!

Having changed the software we lost the track arming from the console,
Although the the Desk system preferences displayed 48 tracks this was the last command sent to the TT002 not the current value.

The Original TT002 software sets the number of record tracks dependant on the device id, when I updated the software it defaulted in the Master ID, I changed Menu 99 so that the External Machine ID was directly from the record machine.

This is fixed in Current TT002 software.

1) The Euphonix automation drops out when the lock tally is set, to avoid problems endure that Menu 96-Input Lock Tally from is set to 1=Master

2) ProTools lock time, use a maximum of 24 tracks per drive